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Classification of peritoneal bag technology

Dongguan Jiarong Handbags Manufactory Co., Ltd. Date:2011/2/21 16:01:58



SMS is a non-woven two-step manufacturing process standards, many domestic enterprises to use the technology of film, cloth, composite manufacturing. Features: You can use readily available equipment and technology. Cons: ingredients of film PE, while the composition is non-woven polypropylene, the melting point of difference between the temperature of the hot roller is not taking into account; hot roll temperature heat capacity of the problem so that the same product under different production rate lead to homogeneity of the composite strength Poor; hot flower precision rollers also affect the product quality as a factor; hot way breathable membrane for breathable material loss rate is high (between 30-40%); production speed is slower.

Fabric composite powder

Even in the non-woven or film on the powder spraying hot melt adhesive, then heat the compound by a method. Features: Heat Roller roller using the rubber roller and smooth the material damage is very small. Disadvantages: slow production, production efficiency is low; hot melt adhesive powder is evenly spraying the key to good and bad quality, but the hot melt adhesive powder moisture so easy to become very difficult to evenly spraying, spread quantities is not good Control; higher melting temperature hot melt adhesive powder, breathable film of low melting temperature, when the hot melt adhesive powder in the composite can not be completely melted, resulting in peel strength is not enough, the composite film surface roughness is not good.


Such technology is the most domestic enterprises to use a method of characteristics: technology is simple, mature, and the production speed (about 100m/min). Disadvantages: do not have ventilation requirements of products; feel hard, comfort is poor; of non-woven fabrics are higher. Low weight (18gsm or less) and low in the non-woven coating (15gsm or less) Laminating result is not satisfactory, because the membrane surface roughness of the lamination process prone to leakage.



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